Python SEO colab Notebooks

Useful python seo colab notebooks. Sitemap Sampling Parse an XML sitemap index, categorise by URL type and get a sample set of URLs to crawl. Colab notebook link Creator – JR Oakes Sitemap Sampling Parse an XML sitemap index, categorise by section in URL get a count of articles in that section. Colab notebook link Reference: Advertools … Read More

How to Change the Color of Address Bar in Google Chrome

Do you want to change the color of your site address bar in mobile? Having seen multiple popular sites and blogs doing this, I was keen to figure out how to do this. Changing the color of the address bar can make your blog or website more eye-catching to the user. If your brand or … Read More

Voice Search SEO 2019

The State of Voice Search SEO 2019

Voice search was introduced by Google in 2007. Now, voice search has been revolutionised with the likes of Siri, Alexa, and Google Home and is certainly not a fad. In 2017, the Google assistant was available on over 400 million devices. And by 2020, it has been claimed that 50% of all searches will likely … Read More

how to optimise for search intent

How to Optimise for Searcher Intent

One of the biggest mistakes made by business owners and native digital marketers is being too focused on vanity keywords and search volume as the indicator of SEO success. This article will focus on user intent, often referred to as “searcher intent”, as the most valuable point of focus for SEO success, in any SEO … Read More

App SEO: What Is App Store Optimisation (ASO)?

Just as your website needs to be optimised for search engines to stay on the top of the search results, your apps also need to be optimised for the main app stores so that you’ve got a good chance of appearing when someone searches for a related keyword. App store optimisation or ASO (sometimes known as … Read More

seo trends

SEO Trends 2019

Search algorithms and SEO best practices are constantly changing and evolving. The SEO tactics that got you to the top of the search engine results a year ago might be totally ineffective today — or even worse, they could trigger a penalty that sends you dozens of pages back in the listings. So it’s vital … Read More